Welcome to the City of Montrose! 

For a compilation of information you may need when you move into town, please review the attached: 
  Welcome to Montrose- Packet.pdf

Application; Contract for Water, Sewer, Garbage.pdf

Addy Rules and Regulations.pdf   :   Mass COMMUNICATION to Citizens about ADDY garbage changes.pdf
 Q:  What are your Walk-In Office Hours?
 Garbage Day: Thursdays (Pickup begins by 7am!)

Recycling Days: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

Extra Bags of Garbage must be Tagged for pickup: $5.00 per Tag



    Fill out Application: Building Permit Application Template.pdf

    Turn in application along with drawing of plans to City Finance Officer

    Application is sent to Zoning Committee for review. Zoning has 2 weeks to review and approve or deny the request. Building Permits will not be

    issued on the same day as the application is received. Please plan accordingly.

    Finance Officer will call Citizen when approved, Citizen will then have to ay the building permit fee. This cost is based upon the cost of the project.

    Citizen is required to post the PERMIT in a visible area on the property, until the work is complete.Q: eed a Building Permit Application.  Do I need to 

Complaint Forms: Complaint Form TEMPLATE.pdf  *Forms must be filed with the Finance Officer, a request must be made to be added to the Agenda for the Council to review the form.

GOLF CARTS:  Golf_Cart_Registration;_Permit.pdf and return to the city with copy of drivers license and insurance attached along with $10 registration fee. Note: Registration renewals due in January. Registration is required because by state law if the city does not have an ordinance in place to require  registration of golf carts, it is illegal to drive golf carts on city streets. Here is a link to the golf cart registration ordinance:


PETS: No more than 6 domestic pets over the age of 6months, except birds and fish, on any lot or premise in the city, unless such person residing on the lot or premises has a valid kennel license issued by the City of Montrose. Chickens and Ducks may be kept within city limits. The total number of   chickens and/or ducks shall not exceed 6. Dogs, Cats, and Fowl must be registered when the pet is obtained as well as annually every January. The   cost per pet is $5 if fixed or $10 if not fixed. Fowl fee is $10 annually. Include a copy of the pet rabies vaccination certificate for dogs/cats with   payment, which can be dropped in the dropbox outside the city office and tags will be mailed out to you.