Welcome to the City of Montrose.  For a compilation of information you may need when you move into town, please review the attached:

Q:  What are your Walk-In Office Hours?

A:    The office will close if the Montrose School District announces early dismissal or a snow day.  Any changes to the schedule will be posted on the home page.  

Monday --  9:00 - 12:00
Wednesday - 9:00 - 12:00
Thursday - 9:00 - 12:00

Q:  When is trash and recycling pick up?

A:  Trash is picked up on Fridays.  Trash will be picked up on Saturdays during weeks with major national holidays, or if weather delays regular pickup.  Recycling is picked up on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.  It is not picked up on the 1st, 3rd or 5th Friday of the month.  Garbage must be bagged.  If you have more than 90 gallons of trash, you may purchase garbage tags for $2 each at the city office.  One ticket per extra garbage bag.  Or up to three tags for large items.  

Q:  How do I sign up to receive Emergency Alerts?

A:  Stop in the City Office, or drop a signed letter in the drop box or email the following information to the city:   
      I give the City of Montrose permission to send me emergency alerts

Q:  I need a Building Permit Application.  Do I need to pick one up at the City Office?

A:  You may print the  Building_Permit_Application.pdf, fill it out with a drawing of your project.  Once your Building Permit Application is received with the required drawing, your request will be sent to the Building and Planning Committee.  They will have 48 hours (2 business days) to review and approve or deny the request.  Building Permits will not be issued on the same day as the application is received.  Please plan accordingly.

Q:  What do I need to do to have water, sewer and garbage services turned on or changed to my name?

A:  You may print the APPLICATION_for_Service.pdf and return with your $200 cash deposit.  Once received, we will establish a time to have services turned on.

Q:  Can I pay my Water Bill online or with a credit card/e-check?

A:  Yes!  Please see the "Online Payments" page for more information and link to submit your payment.  Note there is a convenience fee for online payments.  Otherwise, non-cash payments may be dropped in the drop box outside the City Office or mailed to PO Box 97.  Cash payments must be made in person at the City Office during open hours.

Q:  What companies do I contact for other utilities?

A:  Natural Gas - Mid American Energy (midamericanenergy.com)
Electric - Southeastern Electric (southeasternelectric.com)
Phone/Internet - Golden West (goldenwest.com)

Q:  Can I make reservations for the campground?

A:  Check the Camping page on this site for the latest information on reservations. 

Q:  How do I submit a complaint to the city?

A:  Fill out a Complaint_Form.pdf and return to the city via email, mail or drop box.

Q: How do I register my golf cart?

A:  Fill out a Golf_Cart_Registration.pdf and return to the city with copy of drivers license and insurance attached along with $10 registration fee.
Note:  Registrations obtained in 2020 will be good for all of 2021 and must be renewed each January thereafter.  Registration is required because by state law if the city does not have an ordinance in place to require registration of golf carts, it is illegal to drive golf carts on city streets.  Here is a link to the golf cart registration ordinance:  ORDINANCE_008-2020_Golf_Carts.pdf

Q: How do I register my pets?

A:  A residence may have up to 6 pets (ie, cats/dogs).  They must be registered when the pet is obtained as well as annually every January.  The cost per pet is $5 if fixed or $10 if not fixed.  Include a copy of the pet rabies vaccination certificate with payment, which can be dropped in the dropbox outside the city office and tags will be mailed out to you.  Chickens/Ducks must also be registered when obtained and every January.  Cost of registering fowl is $10 for a group of 1 to 6 birds .  Here is a link to the ordinance on fowl:  SCANNEDOrdinance005-2020Fowl.pdf

Send any questions to montrose@goldenwest.net   or call us at 605-363-5065